CIC SIG Email Discussion Lists

The CICSIG-L email discussion lists provide consultants and contractors with a forum to ask questions, exchange ideas, and share information with other CICSIG-L members. There is an email list for announcements and another email list for discussion.

Subscription to the CICSIG-L email discussion lists is available only to members of the CIC SIG. To subscribe to a CIC SIG email discussion list please go to http://mailer.stc.org. If you are a CIC SIG member, contact the CICSIG-L Moderator to subscribe and then participate in the discussions.

Members may receive the emails posted as follows:

  • Regular delivery, as the messages are posted
  • Daily digest, one message that contains all messages posted the previous day
  • Index of messages posted, which can be read from the CICSIG-L website as desired

Summaries of CICSIG-L topic discussions are compiled by the original poster and are lighted edited for relevance and grammar.

Problems Logging In?

If you have any problems logging into CICSIG-L, please contact the CICSIG-L Moderator.