Discussion List Etiquette

This email discussion list is a forum for issues related to technical communication, specifically for independents. Please treat this forum, the members it serves, and the volunteers who maintain it with respect.

While this list is unmoderated (messages are not screened before they are posted), the list manager and SIG manager monitor list activity, stop threads that they deem inappropriate, and suspend and revoke posting privileges as needed.

As a general rule, if the matter is about technical communication and if you would not mind if your next client saw your post and knew it was from you, it is probably okay to post. When in doubt, ask the CICSIG-L Moderator.

Message Formats, Signatures, and Quoting

  • Create messages as plain text, not HTML. HTML messages may contain malicious code and repeat lots of text and code in the daily digest.
  • Sign messages with your first and last names. We are all colleages, and it is nice to know who you are, especially if you post a question and want useful responses.
  • While it is helpful to have the context of the question you are responding to, quote only the specific questions or issues. At a minimum, delete the series of messages that may be appended to the end of your message, kepping only the last message that you are responding to.