Discussion List Posting Rules

How to Post a Message

To post a message to the CIC SIG discussion list, send an email to the discussion list email address.

What is Okay to Post

Post anything related to technical communication and working as a consultant and/or independent contractor, including but not limited to the following:

  • Questions related to working as an independent technical communicator (taxes, expenses, contracts, dealing with client issues, etc.).
  • Questions about matters of interest to technical communicators (tools and techniques, portfolios and résumés, gathering information from SMEs, etc.).
  • Requests for brainstorming on technical or design problems.

What is NOT Okay to Post

List members who violate the following list rules will be removed from the list, as explained in the Posting Rule Violations:

  • Do not post announcements of events (meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.). If you know about an event of interest to CIC SIG members, send a message to the CIC SIG Manager with the following information:
    • Date, time, location, and a short description.
    • Link to a website with more information.

Announcements that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected.

  • Diatribes about anything may not be posted.
  • Do not post negative comments about individuals.
  • Off-topic posts are not permitted.
  • Do not post humor, personal opinions, or other information that is not directly related to the response to a question posted.
  • Obnoxious posts will not be tolerated; rudeness and flaming are prohibited. Avoid personal insults.
  • Do not copy other mailing lists in your posting to the CIC SIG list. If you wish to post the same message to several mailing lists, send the post to each list in a separate message.
    • Simultaneous posts to multiple lists encourages nonmembers to post to our members-only mailing list. This generates numerous error messages for the list owner and tells nonmembers the address to our private list.
  • Do not reply to everyone on the mailing list if you want only to reply to the person who sent the posting. Make sure your email reply is addressed to the recipients you intended.

Posting Rule Violations

Anyone who violates the posting rules will receive one warning from either the list manager or the CIC SIG manager. A second violation will result in permanent removal from the list.

Creating a Summary of Postings

When you post a question to the list, you usually receive many responses. We want to capture these responses and post them to the summaries page of this website.

As the original poster, you are responsible for compiling a summary of all responses you receive, both those that were sent to the list and those sent directly to you, and sending the summary to the list. CIC SIG volunteers then do a light edit of the content and post the summary to the summary page.

A Word of Caution

Remember that messages posted cannot be revoked. You never know when a colleague today will become a client tomorrow.