Handwritten Notes

Question: Does anyone use handwritten notes sent to customers? Does this seem to help provide repeat business?

One responder, who is fairly new to independent contracting, has a marketing strategy that consists of an initial letter, a phone call, and then a postcard every few months. The responder ordered postcards from vistaprint.com and was very pleased with the selection, price, and quality.
You can order cards and/or postcards from the following:


VistaPrint seems to offer more options than cardstore.com and has similar pricing.

The advantage of sending handwritten notes, as the responder sees it, is that most prospects in the responder’s market niche (marketing professionals at software companies) get a ton of e-mail, a lot of phone calls, and a good bit of direct mail, but very few personal notes. A personal note has a novelty factor (and is therefore more likely to be read), and implies personal attention going forward–good CRM overall. The biggest disadvantage is the time it takes.

Depending on how many clients/prospects you are sending notes to, another alternative is to handwrite notes to the ones you are actively courting, but send something relatively generic to others just to keep you in mind.