Transferring Large Files to Clients

Question: I need a way to transfer large video files to a client – does anyone have suggestions for what is the best way to go about this? Should I get a temporary web site? Date: 05/08

My choice for the current client was to create a gmail account and share the username/password with the client. There does not appear to be a file size limit for uploads. While not perfect, it has sufficed for the current needs. I will delete the account when this project concludes.

Other suggestions included the following:

Use the free website hosting for personal pages that comes you’re your e-mail account. If it doesn’t offer this feature, there are a number of sites out there (geocities, tripod, lycos) where you can sign up for a free website.
YouTube might be an option.

You can embed a private video on your website by copying the embed code on the “Edit Video” page for that video and pasting it into your website. To share it, just click the “Share Video” link under the video while you’re watching it, and send it to whomever you like.

In order to view the video, the person coming to your website must be logged into YouTube, and be part of the list with which you shared the video (i.e., Friends or Family). If they are not, the video will not load.
I set up separate subdirectories and user accounts for my clients on my business web site. Each client gets an ID and password, and can log in to view confidential data on pages dedicated to their projects, and to download or upload files for review. When the project is over, I delete the account.
You might also try setting up a wiki. Many are free and access may be limited to only those invited. One free wiki that supports video is wetpaint (
You can try DropSend:
Adobe has a new product at which might help. It allows you to upload large files. It’s a ‘new’ product in beta, so the subscription is free (for now) and it might help you a lot in this instance.
There are a variety of Web 2.0 tools, many free, at which you can load your file up, and pass along the access info, then your client can download from there.

The tools are so numerous as to be overwhelming, but you can start by looking at this URL:
Have you tried the Office Live Workspaces? The free versions are quite functional and easy to set up. ( Access is via a Windows Live ID.
Send Files for FREE under 100MB and Sign up for a FREE Trial Database!
Try Whale Mail at
Look at Slideshare – I’m not sure about HTML/SWF files but I know you can load PPT files to it and I think you can create a private area.
Look at the Google collaboration tools and see if anything there suits, or some of the 37signals stuff.
You may be able to use one of the large file transfer apps (see for details)
If you want a place to upload the files so the client can retrieve them, try I think you can even put them online for the client to view, by using their widget:
For transferring large files to clients, I use The basic service is free, and you can purchase an encrypted service. Works like a charm for me, even with dial-up!