Moving a Business to the U.S.

Question: I’m thinking about moving my business to the U.S. Where do I start?
Responses & Resources

Contact the Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE) at They provide advice to businesses that is generally without a fee. It is mainly comprised of retired executives (thus the RE in SCORE) or of executives who want to volunteer their time to help small businesses.
Read related books before finding and hiring an accountant.
Visit one of the big office supply stores (Office Depot, Staples, etc.), especially on-line. The business books section should have a paperback entitled, “Starting & Operating a business in [state]: a step-by-step guide.” The book will equip you with checklists of things to look out for, agencies hidden in the State bureaucracy whom you should not overlook, and, of course, forms, links, phone numbers and addresses.
Check resources on Nolo Press’s website. They are based in California, and their products are excellent.
Some specific resources for starting a business in California:
California Business Portal – Starting a Business
Commercial Services Bureau – Business License (Long Beach, CA)
Operating a Business in Long Beach (PDF)
Los Angeles Public Library – Licenses and Permits
County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Naming Your Business
Some general online resources for US businesses:
Missouri has a fabulous resource at – you can download a pdf or order a CD. It is recommended even for people in other states, the general information is that good.
General info on taxes for freelancers – Taxes and Freelancing