Bad Experience with Employer

Question: What do you do when an employer, who posted the position on the STC site, turns out to be a flake? Date: 11/07

I have sent the “nastygram” with my attorney on copy. I have also contacted the STC and will let you all know what STC says about whether there is any screening of the jobs on the job site. Fortunately, the amount I lost was small, so this has been a “good” way to learn. As some may have guessed, the company in question is the Detective Training Institute. I did have “warning” signs of a bad, possibly unscrupulous client, but I ignored them.

Below is a summary of what I learned.

Research the individual and company before getting involved. If you can’t get information on the business, or even if you can, and especially if you have not worked with them before, ask for a deposit up front. The deposit could be anywhere from 20% – 50% of the estimated cost of the job.
Do progressive billings.
Be sure to obtain and keep all project documentation and make records of all communication with the company.
Learn about contract law and utilize a contract lawyer.
Depending on how much is at stake, pursue what you are owed!
Have complete, explicit project documents, e.g., Letter Agreement/Contract, sign-off form, etc.