Technical Writing and Web Development

Question: Are there many jobs out there that combine web development and technical writing? Also, I’m considering enrolling in a Web Development certificate program but I’m not sure how much it will increase my value as a tech com professional.

Responses: I’ve seen a few jobs out there that combine the two, but they are heavy on the database side…this sounds like a medium to large organization implementing and/or maintaining a content management system (including the software education and ongoing support)…

To decide about the clas, I would ask to speak to graduates of the certificate program. I say go for the course. Broaden your skill set and you will not be sorry. Whatever you do, don’t do it for job hits on Monster (or wherever). Do what you love, do it well, and the jobs will come. “They” need us even if they don’t know it.

As a tech writer who moved entirely into web development in 2000, I saw web development as a different way to deliver the content I was already developing. I prefer the web stuff to writing; I now expect my clients to supply me with web-ready material or hire a writer/editor to help them create it.

In pure technical writing terms, I’ve seen jobs posted where there is a preference for the writer to have web scripting or programming experience for developer-facing guides. The career transition choice or option to freelance as a website designer broadens your marketability. Also just for technical writing, I think that the more scripting and programming you understand and can do, the more credibility you can have with certain decision makers about your ability to learn and communicate about technical concepts.