Adobe Illustrator

Question:  I want to convert a B/W AI-format logo to a jpg for a b/w print ad. I have CorelDraw X3.    Date:  11/07

Solution:  With my time crunch and limited knowledge of CorelDraw, I accepted Susan McLain’s offer to use Illustrator to convert the AI logo file to JPG format. I then created the B/W ad in Publisher and used the JPG of the logo.

Other suggestions were also given:

  • Try importing the AI file into CorelDraw and/or Corel Photo-Paint and then exporting it as a JPG. Also try Corel Photo Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
    Result: It works very nicely. AI can import and export “just about any format in the known universe.”
  • Try using Able Fax Tif.
  • FaxTIFView seems very flexible, good, and inexpensive (with a free long trial period).
  • InkScape can help you “set logo graphics free”!
  • PagePlus from Serif always have free versions, but even their full versions are not expensive.