E-mailing HTML

Question: Every time I try to send an HTML page as an announcement in an e-mail message through Outlook, it becomes an attachment, rather than the actual e-mail. Can someone tell me the trick to sending out these snazzy HTML announcements?

To send an HTML page as an e-mail announcement in Outlook, in your new e-mail message, choose Insert –> File. Select the HTML file that you want to insert, and then click the arrow on the Insert button to select Insert As Text.

For sending HTML announcements in e-mail, you can try the following:

All three are e-mail announcement/newsletter services. Each service manages your subscription list, sends HTML as well as plain text (to folks whose e-mail programs do not support HTML), and gives you reports on who has opened the newsletter and who has not. Pricing varies depending on your needs, but the cost per e-mail can be as low as $.015 (one and a half cents).

Offering a newsletter to your niche market is a very good marketing tool that helps establish you as an expert in your field and helps drive business to your Web site. Allowing people to subscribe to your newsletter on your Web site makes it more likely that your newsletter will be read and will survive readers’ spam filters. The anti-spam laws are strict these days and using a service like Vertical Response can help ensure that your company is managing its marketing communications legally.