Evaluations of Help Authoring Tools

Question:  What do you think of the various help authoring tools, such as AuthorIT, RoboHelp, and WebWorks?

I’ve quoted many of the highlights below, grouped by the software. One additional program was suggested which sounded very interesting: HelpScribble (http://www.helpscribble.com/.


“Just awful… now looking at WebWorks.”

“Definitely almost dead… Generally slow and unreliable.”

“I’m happy with it although I can only use the HTML part of the program.”

“I gather that it is rising like the Phoenix… I never liked its print output. It outputs only to Word and always required lots of tweaking…”


“not impressed… bad design.”

“Utterly and completely user-unfriendly.”

“the code is a bloody mess”

“Tech support is probably one of the worst…”

“Generally slow and unreliable.”

“I use this all the time… It works very well to convert content from Word or Frame…”


“[we’re] moving to AuthorIT from RoboHelp and Webworks… because of AuthorIT’s single-source capabilities.”

“It has its own authoring environment, so you don’t need to author in Word. It’s print goes only to Word, though.”


“I’ve played with it and think it could be quite a nice tool. Right now, it supports only Word 2003, but it also has its own authoring environment. It is supposed to support Frame by this fall (maybe sooner).”

“My corporate senior technical writer friend SUPER supports Flare.”


“great product… the client loves it.”

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